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Why We Do Not Need A Redeemer

By Doug Kelley



To punish billions upon billions of sentient, free-willed human beings for the sins of a supernatural being is a moral injustice of godly magnitude. There is no excuse for such a thing. Therefore, I can no longer accept the Biblical explanation for the creation of man. I believe that we were in fact created, but I cannot believe in an almighty and loving God who would punish humanity for the sins of one, two or three individuals.

The Genesis war between God and Satan was just thatóbetween God and Satan. Man was an unwitting pawn in the conflagration. Man was used as a tool.

Since this war was not between man and God, but between Satan and God, humankind is an innocent bystander in this supernatural war. It was morally wrong for God to make Adam choose between his wife who he could see, touch, and hold, and God who he could not see. How would you like to make a choice between somebody you dearly loved and God? Doesn't it make you angry with God for even forcing someone to make such an impossible choice? Would a loving God actually put someone in such a position?

Therefore, humankind has no need of having sins redeemed. It wasn't they that caused it nor participated in the initial rebellion. Satan is the one who turned against God. Why weren't Satan and all the angels that sinned subjected to sin and death? Why is that humans are the only ones who pay for the crimes of a supernatural being, whose actions were/are beyond their control? Why did not the angels need someone to redeem them from slavery to sin and death? If anyone, they are the ones who should need it.

Humankind is not the perpetrator here. Satan is. Therefore, humankind does not need a redeemer, only a Creator who needs to rectify the sins of one of His children (Satan) and restore the earth and humankind to peace and perfection. He needs to correct the crimes of one of His children against humanity. And he needs to do it post-haste.

Moreover, regarding the "Universal Issue," God was vindicated completely by Job. What better example could there be than an imperfect man "redeeming humankind from the sins of a perfect man?" That is even better than a perfect man doing it! So why are we still here? The Issue was settled with Job. God should have acted immediately.

Then there was Jesus. If Job did not settle the Issue somehow, then Christ surely did. Again, why are we still here? Should God not have taken immediate action to correct things instead of allowing 2000+ more years of human outcry? Humans, by all rights, should have been restored to health and perfection.

The above reasoning is, again, why I cannot believe in Biblical fantasy. It just does not stack up to reason.

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