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The UN, Pedophiles, 

and Faulty JW Arguments

By Doug Kelley

March 2002


NOTE: This article is actually a response to an e-mail I received from a long-time JW who was DF'd over the UN issue. This person continues to believe that the WTS is God's Organization. I felt compelled to kindly give him/her some things to think about. Although he/she received it with appreciation, time will tell as to whether it will penetrate years of WTS brainwashing. I have removed any references to names or states for his/her anonymity.  --DK


Dear XXXX,


I was struck by several things you said... struck hard. Please forgive me, but I feel compelled to address several points you made, and I do so with all the love in my heart and concern for you. After reading my thoughts, you may not feel like corresponding with me anymore, and if so, I respect that. But I humbly ask you to consider what I’ve written. I respect you as a Human Being, and my heart hurts for people who are suffering from the injustice of others, such as you.


You said: "I do not wish to go into the sight you recommended as I don't want to know any more injustices and drag Jehovahs' name thru the mire."


XXXX, there is something inherently wrong with these words. With all due respect and kindness to you, you have been neatly programmed with a certain mental attitude. I was also programmed with this attitude. This attitude is “if we stick our heads in the sand, maybe the problem will go away.” But this attitude is exactly why you were disfellowshipped; this attitude is exactly why there is so much injustice in the Organization, and exactly why there have been no positive changes within it.


I respectfully ask, how in the world would "Jehovah's name be dragged thru the mire" by you visiting a website? It simply would not. This is simply the programming we have all received from the Society to not look at anything contrary or negative about the Organization. Now I know you may refute this because you did see the UN information on a website, but there is much more to be seen, and so much that should be seen by informed adults. There are things the Society is responsible for that puts them high up on the bloodguilt ladder. I do not say this lightly, or in a spirit of bitterness. I say it in a spirit of Truth and uprightness.


If the Truth is the truth, it will stand on its own. If the Truth is the truth, then the Society should welcome others to thoroughly examine it from both sides in exactly the same way they tell people of other religions to do. But the Society does not preach the same thing to its own members as it does to people of other religions. Why do you think this is so? If the Truth is the truth, it will stand up under strong scrutiny. There should be nothing to fear.


To size up your situation: The Society has arbitrarily established a rule to not read “apostate” (contrary) literature. This rule has the same power as if it came down from God. Then when you innocently come across something such as the UN matter—something that gives you serious cause for legitimate concern—you are punished with disfellowshipping. The Society is in essence saying: “There, do you see why we warned you about reading apostate material? Do you see how it has resulted in your spiritual endangerment? Jehovah has disciplined you and He must keep His Organization clean.” This is nothing less than a high-control tactic.


But where is the Society’s accountability? By becoming a member of the UN, the Governing Body (GB) has quietly betrayed the very essence of Truth that they have publicly held up as God’s Truth. They are guilty of the very sin that they have vehemently accused other religions of: Spiritual Harlotry. To use their own term, they have “whored” themselves out to the “Wild Beast.”


And how do they justify and excuse this betrayal of all they have taught for decades; the very foundation of “being no part of the world”? Their pathetic response is that they did so in order to gain access to the UN library. So in other words, they betrayed their core values for a library card! Furthermore, the same information in the UN library is available elsewhere. I guess in the GB’s “esteemed intellect,” going to bed with the “enemy” is a means that justifies the end.


You also said: “I now know why he allowed me to be disfellowshipped.  I know too much but with the airing on TV about the case in XXXXX, XX and it will soon be aired on Niteline or primetime so I am told- I realize that after people around here see this I don't want them to know that I am associated with such people until Jehovah cleans it all up.”


I am well aware of the pedophilia issues that will be airing on Dateline soon. Things have gone on too long with this matter. Too many injustices... too many good people hurt.


I also know how important it is for us humans to try to make some sense out of the injustices and adversities that come our way from time to time. This is a natural human process and I believe this is what you are endeavoring to do. But again, think through your words logically. Please ponder the following questions:

  1. If this is truly God’s Organization, why would you be ashamed of it?

  2. Is it really true that Jehovah would in essence “protect” you by allowing you to be deeply hurt? by destroying your good name and reputation? by, in essence, “casting you out,” of that which has been your life, your world, and your reality for your whole life? Is it truly reasonable and logical to conclude that a kind and loving Father would “protect” you by allowing you to be harmed?

  3. And if He did in fact allow you to be disfellowshipped to protect you, then what about all of the other dear friends? Why are they not protected as well? Are they not loved by Jehovah too? Are they not the very ones who will have to pay for the Society’s lack of discretion and good judgment with the people they meet door-to-door? 

  4. Is it really reasonable to conclude that Jehovah will ever “clean up” the Organization? He has not seen fit to do so in well over 100 years. Many terrible things have occurred during this time. Could it be that this line of reasoning is simply an attempt to make some rational sense out of why Jehovah has been so silent in this matter? Could there actually be another explanation?


You also said: “The Elders are responsible for not reporting it to the proper authorities in the State of XX which is the legal requirement for such things.”


It is certainly true that the elders do bear personal responsibility for their actions. But you must also understand that they are acting on guidance from the Society. When I was an elder, I remember getting the letter about contacting the legal department if any case of pedophilia ever arose, and they would then tell us what to do. I also remember how the elders discussed “ecclesiastical privilege” if they were ever subpoenaed by the court. They would not tell anything “confidential,” even if it involved the molestation of an innocent child. This was morally wrong, and yet, I bought into it—even me. I am very thankful that I never had such a situation arise; I wonder if I could live with myself for not protecting the children.


We all bear personal responsibility for our actions. But elders and JW's at large, are all trained and conditioned very well at five meetings a week to rely on what the Society says as having come from God, rather than thinking for themselves. You may not accept this, but it is true to a fault. It was true with me too at one time, but no longer.


The elders and the GB are morally responsible for and share in the sins of any pedophile that is not handed over to the secular authorities and put behind bars. It is a known fact that pedophiles cannot be reformed. Period. Therefore, there is absolutely no place for them in society—let alone in the congregation. Period.


It is true that the Society has recommended in limited cases that the elders contact the local authorities. But it is equally true that the Society also cultivates an environment based on the concept that “God’s Law is higher than man’s law” that enables pedophiles to be covered up by incompetent men, and then harm again.


You also wrote: “It is soooo sad to see how people who are honest are treated within the organization-but we also know the culprit.”


Yes it is sad to see so many ones hurting so deeply, and you have no idea how many are out there. If you would like to get a mere taste of the hurt, visit It will open your eyes.


As far as the culprit, I assume you are referring to Satan. But again, with all due respect and loving kindness to you, this is not clear thinking. Please consider this question: Why is it that Satan’s power to harm and attack transcends Jehovah’s power to comfort and protect?


The conditioned response we all learned at the meetings is that it’s because “Satan is the ruler of this System of Things,” and also that “it is a test of loyalty to Jehovah.” But again, this is faulty reasoning. Consider this example:

A man has a family with several sons and daughters. The children are all good and kind, except one son. This son is mean and cruel, and continues to verbally abuse the other children. The father has tried in vain to talk with and readjust the cruel son, but to no avail. The other children constantly beg their father to do something about the situation, but the father only tells them that it is an opportunity to grow strong, and doesn’t take any further action.


For years, the cruel son continues to attack the others verbally, until one day he actually physically abuses them. Again, the father has a strong talk with the abusive son, but again, to no avail. And again, the other children implore their father to do something, but he continues to play it down telling them that the “time is not right.” The father is aware that his abusive son is causing a lot of harm and hurt within the family, but still does nothing to correct the situation.


The cruel son continues to verbally and physically abuse the others, until one day, he actually kills one of his siblings.


Who do you think is ultimately responsible for this murder? Yes, the cruel son is personally responsible for his actions, but the father is ultimately responsible for the escalation of this situation because he did not protect his other children when he had the power to do so. The father is now bloodguilty.


The scripture says, “When one knows what to do and does not do it, it is sin for him.” As we have learned quite well, God—by His own decree—must abide and hold to His own law, and therefore, Jehovah must be taken at His own word. Now I am not saying that Jehovah is bloodguilty, but I am asking: Could there be another explanation?


I ask you in all fairness: What parent would stand by while one child abused the other children? What parent, after seeing that there was no hope with a cruel son, would not take necessary action to protect his family from further harm? I submit that there is no sane human parent that would permit a situation of this sort to continue for any substantial length of time. Yes it would pain the father to “put the cruel son out.” But a rational father would comprehend that it must be done in order to protect his innocent family.


Here is another critical point: How would human laws come into play in such a situation? Would not human justice demand that the guilty son and the father be held accountable? It most certainly would. And this is mere human justice! Is not God’s Law higher than man’s law? If human law demands justice in such a situation, then how much more so would God’s?


If a lowly human father would take whatever steps necessary protect his family, is it not reasonable to conclude that the Almighty should do the same and much more? Again, the conditioned response is that “there are issues of Free Will and Universal Sovereignty at stake, “ and, “we do not see the whole picture like Jehovah does.” Again, this is faulty reasoning. Please consider these questions:

  1. What possible reason could there be for a loving, kind, and just Creator with a proven track record to have to “prove” anything to anyone? After all, Jehovah is the Almighty.

  2. What “Bigger Picture” could possibly exist that would morally justify the suffering, turmoil, and murder of countless billions of sentient human beings over many thousands of years? What of these poor people’s right to Free Will? What of their right to live their lives free of the threat of suffering and death at the hands of a supernatural being?


Again I ask you, could there be another explanation? It is not my purpose nor intention to answer this question, but rather, to provoke you to thought.


As I mentioned, we all must assume personal responsibility for our actions, and this includes rank and file Witnesses. But how long will the friends continue to avert personal responsibility and thinking for themselves on the basis of “We were only following orders”? This concept has already been tried with the Nazi’s and failed miserably. This argument is also the epitome of shirking personal responsibility. Now I am not attributing this argument to you. I am only making an observation about Witnesses in general.


Personal responsibility must by default include thinking for one’s self. As I have pointed out to my mom, there is a big difference between being true to Jehovah and the Bible, and being loyal to the Society. [Someone I know] loves Jehovah and the Bible with all her heart. You obviously do too, and this is fine. But she has a difficult time overlooking and condoning the atrocities committed by the elders in the name of God. Any idea how much emotional energy it requires to continually suppress one’s moral values, especially when prompted by an organization claiming to be God’s one and true Organization? An enormous amount.


There must come a time when each one of us steps up to the plate of personal responsibility and intensely examines whether the GB have responsibly “provided food at the proper time,” as Christ’s Stewards, or not. Have they honestly and responsibly handled the “King’s Talents?” Have they tenderly cared for the “King’s possessions,” that is, his people in a way that befits his Glory?


Only an honest and thoughtful examination of the evidence will answer these questions. Furthermore, this examination is a personal one; we must each one come to our own conclusions. Moreover, each one of us has the God-given right of Free Will to make this examination. No other human being, including the GB, has the authority or the moral right to deny any of us of our inalienable human rights. None. Do you know the common term for those who try to micromanage and control others’ lives? “High Control Groups.” With these groups, there is an open door going in, but no way to leave honorably and intact.


I sincerely hope I have not offended you or turned you off by this letter. I can only take so much of the unnecessary hurting of others, and this includes yours. It is also my genuine hope that you will think about all these points carefully and prayerfully. I urge you to stand up for your right to examine anything you choose, and without retribution. It is your God-given right. And if God gives it to you, who has the right to take it away from you?


I wish you all my very best,




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