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Who Am I?

-How to Reinvent Yourself After Leaving
the Watchtower Society

Updated July 2016


The U.N. Letter Proving WTS Membership

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser 

than finding a truth."

 --Ludwig Borne (1786-1837) Journalist

  • Are you one of Jehovah's Witnesses who is troubled with what you have come to believe?

  • Are you tired of control issues and a lack of genuine love with others at the Kingdom Hall?

  • Are you tired of the antics and politics with Elders and others at the Kingdom Hall?

  • Have you ever wondered if "Apostates" actually have valid claims and arguments?

  • Are you ready to explore the Real Truth behind the Organization that has mislead so many for so long?

  • Are you ready to take a hard look at the whether the Bible was actually divinely inspired?

 If the "Truth" is the truth, then you have nothing to fear--The Truth will stand on its own. Take the time to discover the "Truth" for yourself!





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